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Note: This FAQ has not been approved or endorsed by the members of VAST. As far as I know, they don't even know it exists. All information has been taken from various interviews and other sources, such as fans and fan sites. If you would like to add or correct any information, or have something to add that should be on this page, please email me.

General Information

Who are the members of VAST?

Throughout the years that VAST has been performing, there have been many band members. The current count at this writing has been at least 17. Why so many musicians have been in VAST is beyond me, but musicians, just like regular workers, often join and leave bands in search of every opportunity they can find. The only constant member of VAST is Jon Crosby himself. Thomas Froggatt has been bassist since 1998 and doesn't seem to be going anywhere too soon.

What does "VAST" stand for?

VAST is an acronym that stands for Visual Audio Sensory Theater (hence the capitalization). Jon Crosby has said that the title comes from the famous soliloquy in William Shakespeare's As You Like It called "The Seven Ages of Man." It can be read in full at the VAST Global Fan Support page.

What albums has VAST made?

VAST has made two albums:Visual Audio Sensory Theater, which was released in May 1998, and Music for People, released in September 2000. For more information, video, and sound clips, please go to

Is VAST a gothic band?

Well...not technically, although their sound is influenced by gothic music. They are more along the lines of "dark alternative", or darkwave. They have also experimented with classic and hard rock sounds, as well as industrial and world music sounds.

How was VAST started?

Jon Crosby had a rough time in high school, and he left at 15 for home study. He began to experiment with music at 16, under the name VAST. He began playing gigs as a teenager (often in bars where he was too young to drink) with another guitarist. He remarked once that he would often get booed and abused by bar patrons during the early days. He made three demos and all were rejected/ignored by major label companies. Crosby was considering releasing his first record independently when he was contacted by Josh Deutch of Elektra Records. His demo had been picked up instead of another one by accident by a secretary and sent to Elektra, where Deutch heard it and signed him immediately. Essentially, Elektra discovered VAST by accident. :)

Who designed the VAST logo?

Jon Crosby. Besides being a musician, Jon Crosby is also a very talented artist. (He was an artist before becoming an artist...)

Wasn't Jon Crosby in some magazine when he was 13?

Yes. He was profiled as a guitar prodigy in Guitar World in 1992. He often credits this experience with making him realize that he could be a musician. The original magazine article featuring Crosby can be found at Electric Womb. Watch out for giant metal-boy hair, though.

Where can I find other VAST fans?

New members are always welcome at the VAST Online Community Message Board.

Where did the names "Vastard" and "Vitch" come from?

Those are terms coined especially for VAST fans. I'm not entirely sure who created them, but they definitely have stuck around.

How can I promote VAST?

You can join the VAST E-Street Team, which combines the regular street team duties of handing out samples and stickers with promoting VAST on bulletin boards all over the Internet. [Note: The street team has been disbanded. I'm not sure if it's temporary or permanent, but I'll let you know as soon as I know.]

Song and Video Information

I heard this really cool song in ads for "The Beach", and someone told me it was a VAST song. What song was that?

That song was "Touched", off VAST's first album Visual Audio Sensory Theater. It also has been heard in ads and episodes for the WB TV show Angel, and for K.A. Applegate's Everworld young adult book series.

What's that song that goes [insert lyrics here]?

Well, actually, you can get them right on this site, in the Interpretation Database. :)

Which VAST songs have been made into music videos?

VAST has made three "official" music videos: "Touched", "Pretty When You Cry", and "Free". All VAST videos, including some 1999 tour live clips, can be seen in Quicktime at Electric Womb. has videos for "Pretty When You Cry", "Free", and 2000 tour live clips of "Here", "Temptation", and "Blue" in both Quicktime and RealPlayer. I personally recommend the live clips, they give you a little taste of a VAST live show, especially if you've never had the chance to experience one.

Where can I find a VAST discography?

Pretty much all of the VAST fan sites have a discography, but the best one that I've found is at A Better Place. This is a full discography, including demos and B-sides.

Does VAST have any B-sides?

Most of their B-sides are (often good) remixes and radio mixes of previous VAST tracks. However, their demos can be heard with Windows Media Player at Electric Womb. VAST also performed a cover of "The Grinch" for Los Angeles radio station KROQ's 2000 Christmas album. This song was available on Napster while it was still around, and might be found in other places around the Internet.

Where can I find guitar tabs for VAST songs?

I suggest you head over to the excellent Electric Womb site, run by Josh and Nate.

What happened to "Thrown Away"?

Well, um...I'm not sure. This song had the working title of "I Am Someone" and the band played it live on several dates. It was recorded and the title was changed to "Thrown Away." It was supposed to be used on the soundtrack to the film "Tomb Raider," but it never made it there. Where the song is is anyone's guess. It hasn't been released on Napster or any other music-sharing program. Personally, I'm hoping that the song will be released as a B-side to one of VAST's future singles.

Live Information

I heard VAST has a really cool light show. Can you tell me about that?

During his early performances as VAST, Crosby would set up three black and white TV sets, one playing the film Blade Runner, another playing Atomic Cafe, and the other playing Man Bites Dog. He'd also use fog machines and strobe lights to create atmosphere. After he was signed (and presumably had more money), the "light show" used lots of different colored lights, large screens, and projections to match with the songs. The light show was not used during the 2000 Music for People tours because Crosby wanted more audience participation and the ability to be more mobile, which could not be done with projections.

What's a VAST live show like?

Think of the greatest, most massive orgasm you ever had. Then imagine having it for two hours.... Wrong example, perhaps. :) But VAST live shows are absolutely fantastic. Many VAST devotees say that seeing a VAST live performance when all goes well is like a religious experience. They are incredible live, adding a beauty and intimacy to their songs that isn't quite there on recorded CDs. Most VAST fans have driven several hours just to see a VAST show. They are very intense and very fun.

How do you get to meet the band?

Pretty easily. Just going up and saying hi usually works wonders. ;)

Are fans allowed to take pictures or record shows?

It all depends on the venue, of course, but fans usually are allowed to take photos. As for recording, probably not, due to the fact that many venues do not allow videotaping or tape recording of their concerts. It's a good idea to contact the venue before you go to see what is allowed. Please be advised that if you do record shows, more fans are usually willing to trade merchandise or B-sides for bootlegs, rather than purchase them. This is because the band will never see any of the money gained from bootlegs, and some fans do not feel right purchasing something the band will never benefit from.

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