At the age of 16, Jon Crosby formed VAST. He had been experimenting with music since a young age, and since his mother owned a local record store, he had always known different types of music artists. He grew up on classical music and bands such as The Beatles and U2.

Crosby started playing guitar at a very young age, and showed an unusual talent for a variety of instruments. He was so talented that some thought he could be signed to a record company, Shrapnel Records. Unfortunately, many of his peers did not realize his talents, and he quit high school in order to focus more on music.

For years, Crosby did odd jobs while attempting to eck out a living playing music, around California and in New York City at He would play in bars that he was too young to drink in, to crouds who would yell at him and his various band members. He made demos and sent them to various record companies, but he wasn't signed until he was 21, by Elektra Records.

Visual Audio Sensory Theater, VAST's first album, was released in May 1998. Crosby had had trouble finding a "permanent" band, opting instead to play most of the instruments himself. This lead to inevitable comparison's to Nine Inch Nails' mastermind Trent Reznor. However, Crosby proved that he was not just another Reznor follower, with a wonderfully inventive and personal first album. Hated by some critics and adored by others, Visual Audio Sensory Theater quickly became an underground favorite. Its first single, "Touched", with its haunting lyrics, deep atmospherics, and samples from Le Mystere de Voix Bulgares, received significant airplay all over the United States. The song was even used in a film trailer, for The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. VAST became increasingly popular through word of mouth, and more fans began to come to VAST live shows. Crosby favored what was called a "light show", in which, as the band played, pictures and lights timed in sequence with the songs were used. During this period, VAST also found real band members, not just backing musicians. Steve Clark, one of Los Angeles's most popular studio drummers, came on to play drums. Australian Thomas Froggatt was recruted as the bass player, and the talented Rowan Robertson was on as a guitarist. With a full band in tow, and Shop Orthopedics Knee Braces VAST toured and toured until 1999.

In 2000, Crosby, whom had already written new songs during the first VAST tour, settled down to record a new album. Despite "suggestions" from record company execs, Crosby decided not to repeat the music stylings and darkness of the first album, opting instead to kick the samples to the background. He wanted to break down the barrier of what everyone thought VAST was and experiment with different musical styles. With the use of India's New Bombay Symphony Orchestra, Crosby created songs that in some places were light as air and other places invoked darkenss reminicent of David Bowie and The Doors. Rowan Robertson, VAST guitarist, departed in 2000, and VAST was yet again left with an empty space. Justin Cotta, an Australian guitarist and VAST fan, heard about the opening and attended the open auditions. He was hired as the new guitarist just in time for the release of Music for People in September 2000.

Music for People was not universally loved. Many fans who had discovered VAST as an "underground goth band" were disappointed in the album and thought of VAST as sellouts. However, many more VAST fans loved the second album, and many others discovered VAST through the album's singles, "Free" and "I Don't Have Anything." They began to tour in late August 2000, in support of the band Queens of the Stone Age.

In April 2000, drummer Steve Clark and guitarist Justin Cotta departed from VAST to pursue their own project. Was this the end of VAST? Certainly not. Jon and Thomas have been working on new material for VAST's third album, and are expected to head into the studio on August 15, 2001. They are aiming for a late 2001-early 2002 release for the third album and are planning some shows on the West Coast of the United States.

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