Here are links to other VAST sites, for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy responsibly, as several of these sites contain very sexy photos of band members. ;) -- VAST's official site, built especially for fans. Home to the latest tour information, sound samples, photos, and videos. -- Elektra's VAST site. Holds latest tour information, interviews, and other cool VAST stuff.

Electric Womb -- Run by Josh and Nate. Follows VAST from the unsigned days to today. Contains videos, demo and B-side sound samples, tabs, photos, and original art.

Global Fan Support -- Run by graniteangel. This site is home to the Global Fan Support Team.

You Take Me Higher -- Very cool site run by Alex. Contains photos, discography, and the Three Doors game!

A Better Place -- Run by Staid. Best discography in town.

Touched -- Run by spiralprincess. Very cool site that is devoted to art, letters, poetry, and other forms of love by VAST fans.

Do Androids Dream of VAST? -- Leona's site, dedicated to two very awesome things: VAST and Blade Runner.

VAST Oblivion -- Cool site run by Laurel Amanda.

The First Site -- As the name states, it's the first VAST site. Good design work here.

Somewhere Else to Be -- You know, people who can design a website this well really make me sick. Rhys just started this baby and it will definitely be cool soon.

VAST Online Community Message Board -- Where craziness resides. Go here to meet fans and find out practically everything you ever wanted to know about VAST, and some things you didn't. ;)

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