On this page, you can find out a bit more about me. (Aren't you lucky?) My name is Adella, and I live in West Palm Beach, FL. I have been a VAST fan since the fall of 1998, when a friend played the Visual Audio Sensory Theater album for me. After only three songs, I had already fallen in love with them.

As soon as I heard them, I looked for websites about them, but I couldn't find a thing. Dejected, I stopped looking. In March 2000, on a whim, I searched again. I happened to stumble upon the RealVAST.com webpage. It was only a single page, containing the "Touched" video, and a promise to update the site when VAST's new album came out in May (!) 2000. Very excited, I started jumping up and down. Then, I calmed down and the wait began.

In August 2000, the RealVAST.com site came up and I was very happy to hear about the new album. I was especially thrilled with the sound samples. I signed into the message board, and suddenly the entire VAST world was subject to my lunatic ravings. My first VAST show was on December 11, 2000. I also got to meet Jon Crosby that night, and I think you will be glad to hear that 1) he is a very nice and very funny person and 2) I did not grab on to his leg and scream bloody murder until Security pulled me off.

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special thanks

For help, valuable advice, and support: All my friends and all those who helped contribute to this site. You guys are the best, but then again, you know that already. ;) Also, thanks to Jon Crosby for making such music that can make me ache and make me feel high at the same time. Always do what you know is right and what you believe in, and we will always be there for you. :)

Thanks to Electric Womb for the photos used in each of my banners, and for many of the VAST Online Community webmasters for help and support.